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I'm just wondering if any of you out there have piercings (ears, nose, whatever) that got infected because you have acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, etc. Do ears only get infected because you don't clean your ears/jewelry properly, or can bad skin also increase the chances of getting infections? Anyway let me know your experiences!

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Anything with a hole in it can get an infection. No matter how well you clean, it's always possible for something to be infected -- it's just a matter of reducing bacteria enough that it lowers the odds.

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I got my eyebrow pierced about a two months ago..... and it just fell out now, because I was twisting it like you're meant to....and then, it comes out

This fucking sucks major balls sad.gif

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I have both of my cartilages pierced, my ear lobes pierced and stretched and my lip pierced. Only my carts were infected maybe due to the fact I had them pierced at the mall and I kept playing with them. But yeah, cartilage piercings take the longest to heal due to the lack of blood circulation up there to stimulate healing.

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