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Finding Reputable, Effective Dermatologists Specializing In Acne Without Lasers,etc.

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My son is 20, and has been severely plagued by completely stubborn, intractable facial acne. He has been to a wide gamut of Dermatologists all pushing the SAME-OLD SAME-OLD meds and procedures, He feels that that 4 brief lasers a few years ago worsened the acne,bare KED his facial shape, and otherwise made his entire condition far, far worse. We are looking for PRIVEN, UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED, CREDIBLY CREDENTIALED AND PROFESSIONALLY RESPECTED Dermatologists who SUCCESSFULLY get yo acne!'s real,msystemic causes and safely yet EFFECTIVELY treat it. ANY NMAMES? Thank you, Desperate Parent Needs Help.

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did you even do your research ? dont think youre suppose to use laser to treat acne unless its scarring

theres only a couple cures



healthy lifestyle , diet , excerise

the topicals that doctors prescribe

basically only one that works

all that home remedies and other crap aint gonna work so dont get caught up in that fake bs , thats all from experience

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Light therapy treatments, lasers and the like are really only meant for when the breakouts have completely ceased which explains why it got even worse after all that, some d1ck head derm was just trying to cash out on you spending money for all that, its terrible how they take advantage of people like that. Anyways... the antibiotic bactrim and it generic form worked wonders for me before I eventually became allergic to it. Not trying to be mean but yes the laser thing was a bad idea. Has an allergy test been done? Hormone test? Thyroid test? Do you have an idea of the type of acne it is? Severe cystic inflammatory? Lots of things to be considered

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