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Should I Go On An Antibiotic For My Acne?

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Hi, Im a 18 year old guy and Ive battled with acne for a good five years (throughout highschool). At first, I only used basic and cheap cleansers and medication that I would find at the store. About 2 years ago, I decided to see a derm and he prescribed Epiduo. I started to moisturize and began using honey and llemon juice to make my skin overall healthier also. I did all this for about a year and a half until it ran out. It only worked somewhat but..... My mom decided that Epiduo was too expensive and got me a Salayiv acid-based treatment and some Apple Cider vinegar along with moisturizing. Along with all my treatments, ive aways eaten somewhat heathy and have always been fit. I recently saw my Derm again and he wanted to prescribe me an antibiotic which my mom is against because it's "not natural ". Originally I was against it but am starting to warm up to the idea because of all the success stories Ive heard from people who use them (although Ive heard some unscuccessful stories as well.)

The problem with my acne is that it's mainly hormonal as my dad had it bad when he was my age. It's frusterating because it feels inevitable and no matter what treatment I use, it never gets rid of it. Acne had become a large and negative paet of my life constantly dictating my decisions and confidence and Im just so sick of it which makes me want to maybe try and antibiotic. What do you guys think?



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It depends which antibiotic it is most people dont see results on Doxicylin but they see it on others and cuz your still 18 your hormones are still raging and once you are 20 and your acne does not improve significatly then you might want to go on accutane though your mom will probably have a heart attack if u did because accutane is like 20 times worser than antibiotics but it clears alot of people up for life. btw did u use organic or raw honey and if you have dry skin dont use lemon and maybe you should go on Retin-A. Plus antibiotics can ruin your liver and the effects of oral antibiotics dont last maybe try a topical one.

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my acne is clear now and i took antibiotics about 2 months ago

the results are life changing for me

you might experience a purge for 1-2 weeks but then improvements start after just gotta stick with it and dont get discouraged

try it now , theres nothing to lose

dont listen to these people with there home remedies , aint gonna stop acne from forming

see a real doctor

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While I have not used antibiotics for acne myself, my brother's girlfriend, aged 24, is about a month into using them for her severe acne that was further exacerbated by taking a particular birth control pill. It took her a while to decide to take them as well but it's working wonders for her skin! Her concern though is if she remains clear after finishing her course of antibiotics She has already decided that if she doesn't remain clear she will be seeing a skin specialist. She took probiotics and ate a lot of yoghurt to minimise any effects of taking antibiotics for that length of time.

Wish you all the best!

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For me antibiotics definitely clears my skin, but expect your acne to come back at full force once you stop taking it. It happened to me every time I stopped. So most definitely do not rely on just antibiotics, combine it with some other treatment or diet so it won't come back once you stop.

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