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I used this stuff for a couple months and I keep seeing threads about how some people can't seem to control oil production. Well this is a miracle cream when it comes to that. Its called Clarex OC and you'll need a prescription for it. I paid about $20 (CDN) when I picked it up. It comes in a little blue tube and the smell isn't the greatest but then again, what medicated stuff smells nice anyway? Ok so all you have to do is use it in place of moisturizer twice daily. Only use a thin coating of gel because if you use too much, it'll dry your skin out a little bit. After the application, your face should be totally matte and stay that way for awhile. After about six hours or so you'll notice a few greasies but just use oil absorbing sheets to get rid of it all. By time your face gets anywhere near dripping with oil, it'll be time to wash it again and put on the stuff. It works pretty good so I highly suggest it to people with super oily skin that need some relief. Just remember that this is a temporary thing and if you skip an application your face will be pretty close to what it was before using the cream so keep at it. If you're worried about getting too dry maybe start at once a day and increase to twice a day. smile.gif

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Not that I know of but it isn't difficult to get a prescription. Just go to a derm and request it. If you have really oily skin, they will most likely give it to you without a second thought since it doesn't do any kind of crazy damage like Accutane or something.

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