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Accutane questions

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Hi smile.gif

I have a few questions about accutane. I am thinking of going on it. My acne is not severe, but I have been battling it forever(I am 34!) I just want to be done with it.

I was thinking of going on a low dose, like say, 20 mg./day. I only weigh 45 kgs. so that may even be high. I need to talk to my derm.

Anyway, here are my questions:

1)Has anyone been on accutane who wears contacts? I heard it can cause contact lense intolerance even after treatment and I am blind wink.gif

2)Has anyone been on a low dose? Does it cause less symptoms and avert the initial breakout?

3) Will accutane make me look older and accentuate/cause wrinkles?

4)How long until accutane is out of your body for good?

5)How long do you need to be on a low dosage? I read on here it is a longer period than the 5 months for regular dosing.

I know it's a lot of questions! But even if you can only answer one I will be grateful. Thanks so much!

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I'm not a seasoned Accutane user or anything (I'm only on Day 6! haha), but I can lend a little support...

I wear contacts and my derm told me that some people feel that their eyes are a little drier on Accutane, but that if I found that to be true, just to buy some moisturizing eye drops and that my contacts shouldn't be any trouble! I think that I may make it a habit of wearing my glasses a bit more often anyway though, because I hate putting up with dry contacts. Any dryness should be just temporary though.

20mg is a low dose and I think you do have it take it for longer. From what I understand, your dosage is usually pretty close to what your weight would be in kgs, so if you're about 45kgs you'd probably be prescribed 40mg. I am about 56kg and I am on 40mg to start, and being upped to 60mg in a month...

As long as you use a gentle cleanser (I'm loving Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar) and a moisturizer, I don't think it should give you wrinkles... in fact I would suspect your skin will look better after Accutane, because you won't need to use those drying acne topicals and washes anymore (which I found gave me some premature fine lines). Just my opinion though!!

Sorry I can't help with much more, but good luck! smile.gif


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Thanks so much for helping me, Mae! biggrin.gif

I was thinking the same thing about the topicals being really drying and aging! I hope we are right and by not applying them, we will look better!

I am going to try to avert dry eyes by using drops immediately and pray that staves it off. I suggest you do the same, it can't hurt.

Good luck! I hope you get super clear!

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