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Should I Keep Using Benzoyl Peroxide Wash And Benzoyl Peroxide Topical?

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I recently have been noticing my face gets oiler than it used to (actually my face used to be dry and flakey) I've been using benzoyl peroxide wash twice a day(2.5%) and topical at night (5%). I've been using it for I would say about a year and my acne has been under control but I do get a lot of zits from how oily my skin has gotten. I drink 2 liters of water & eat right. I've been wanting to switch my wash to cetaphil but I'm terrified my skin will get how it used to be. What would any of you do?

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The benzoyl peroxide wash may be definitely overkill on your skin in the sense that it is stripping all of the skins natural oils and overly drying it out, especially since you are already using a topical benzoyl peroxide. I completely understand how its scary switching products not knowing what may happen but I would still suggest cleansing with the cetaphil cleanser but make sure its the gentle version! I found the regular version to be very drying and irritating to my skin, its the only cleanser face wash that doesn't overly dry my skin out and I've tried tons of different ones. I found from personal trial and error that my skin getting oily was a reaction to being overly washed with harsh products so that's where I'm getting this suggestion from.

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