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Sorry..didn't know where to post this. Anyway, I have this huge cyst right on the corner of my lip. Its disgusting and painful so I went to the derm yesterday for an injection. She gave me THREE in the same one because it was so bad and it still doesn't seem to have gone down much. Should I go back for another one? I was gonna give it today to see how well it decreased but its still kind of painful and bumpy. It looks to have gone down the slightest bit but not like I think it should. If I have to go back, my mom is gonna kill me. She hates driving all the way downtown especially since I just went for one. *Sigh* Nobody understands this problem unless they experience it themselves. cry.gif

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hey hey..aww, sucks about cyst, i understand what youre going through! ive had many many cortisone shots myself, and while they are mostly effective, there are times when they arent. ive also atrophied from a couple, which is a big nuisance and has also turned me off the injections completely, and which is why id suggest against having it injected again. however, at the same token, you said its located by your lip, and that area strikes me as one that probably wouldnt atrophy. its your call, hope ive helped a bit, and best of luck!!! - lisa

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sometimes stubborn cysts require multiple injections, especially if the derm gave you a low dose injection. cysts that are injected with too much medication causes them to leave a depression in your skin where the bump was. i would give it a week before going back for another shot.

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