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green tea can be consumed any time of the day. now here's a tip.

if you dont like the taste or dont have the time to drink 2-4+ cups of green tea a day, just make one cup with 3-4bags in it. it will be much more potent and will give you a thermogenic effect, i.e. some sweating/feeling hot, but much more conveinient....

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ive been drinking green tea every day, either once or twice, for the last couple or months or so... it seems to be helping but its hard to pin point if it is the green tea thats actually helping because i've also made other changes including drinking soya milk instead of cows milk, taking a probiotic, increasing zinc intake, more fruit, going in a steam room and sauna regularly, etc...

My skin seems to be getting much much much better now! smile.gif I hardly ever get new whiteheads coming out. Ive still got loads of red marks but from what ive read on the internet they take a while (months and months) to clear up... I hope this is the start to my recovery from acne!

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Good Luck Ricky What brand name are you using for Zinc ? Im taking Natures made (50 mg daily) aLso you should look into taking Alpha Lipoic acid. Its helps the inner layer of the skin heal and prevents scars. This is what im taking now

Zinc 50 mg

Vit C 2 grams

Alpha 100 mg

Vit E 800 iu

Vit A 16,000 iu

B-6 50 mg

B - 12 1,000 mcg

Pantothenic acid (b-5) 500 mg

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Guest Captain Chaos

Search for posts by Ryan Valmont and take a look at his gallery.

I'm sure you will find valuable advice in the posts and the pics.

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I've tried drinking Green Tea everyday, hoping to see a diffrence in my skin and it seemed to make my skin breakout more. Granted, I only did this for about 1 week at time. Maybe it was supposed to happen like that, but I didn't want to continue the regiman and find out the hard way.

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Hey NickC84,

Yeah I have been drinking Green Tea for awhile now, I'm not sure about the benefits for your skin but i feel so much better after drinking this than coffee. BTW (a little off topic), i want to start working out too, can you tell me you're workout routine Nick......looks like youve gotten good results

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green tea is good for your body because of the antioxidents that are found in the tea but i'm gonna say that you won't clear your acne just from drinking green tea. ryan valmont didn't clear his extremely mild acne just by drinking tea...he changed quite a few things in his diet before he cleared. i believe he switched to white tea anyway.

btw, if you want to fix your acne the holistic way, you should probably be posting your questions in the diet/holistic forum. they would be able to help you more.

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