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Acne Destroying Me Mentally

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Hi, im quite new to the boards and just wanted to post to get things out of my mind and see if people suffer in the same way. I suffered from mild acne for about a year or 2 and it was nothing that really bothered me, however the last 6 months or so my acne has got really severe and its completely taken away all my self confidence and happiness within myself. Ntohing i try seems to be helping an ive been on the regimen for a month now with no signs of improvement at all. some days are a lot worse than other but also being a university student is making it tough. I often get too anxious to actually go out and i feel like everybody is looking at me wherever i go. I hate acne and it does make me hate myself in a way too, i just dont understand why some of us have to suffer! Sorry for the rant!

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I feel very similar. I also suffer from very oily skin and the two together just feels like a nightmare. I hope you start seeing improvement from the regimen soon. Even if you don't, don't feel too hopeless yet. There are still lots of other things you can try.

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Same here at 33 and with 3 courses of accutane down. Checking into psychiatric hospital again tomorrow for second stay in 4 months. Was and am suicidal. For some people nothing works.

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Sup guys I'm new to the site just wanted to share what worked for me. I stopped eating my mothers cooking,and stopped eating fast foods,processed foods, pretty much everything. Organic foods are extinct it seems until I met whole foods. I started eating organic fruits and vegetables blended up in a nutribullet along with a gallon of water everyday and I was cured. Now that I no longer get acne my immune system will now clear up all the pink skin,discoloration,and red acne marks over time. If all you have tried has failed so far, step out in faith and eat organic fruits/veggies. I don't know how you feel about this but the derms are just using us to keep themselves in business. Please don't allow yourselves to be depressed because their is hope for your skin... Don't trust the derms no more or the topicals. And if you think your skin is bad Google "Topical Steroid Withdrawal" they are going through what we are but much worse. And they all realize they shouldn't of ever touched any topicals. Keep your head up guys your skin will heal completely just allow your immune system to do it. It might take a year or two just go organic faithfully fruits/veggies/water and no more topicals. Trust me feel free to ask me anything I can share a lot of insight with you all. God bless

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