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on differin do you normaly have an initial breakou

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Yes - you do normally get an initial breakout on Differin. It's different for everyone, but I think the norm is for it to hit after about 3 weeks of use. It will mostly be whiteheads, if you are one of the majority. You will likely have to put up with this for a few weeks (or longer) as the medication works to clear out your pores. Just keep your eyes on the prize...

And in answer to your question on the gel vs. the cream...i dunno. Most people say the gel is more effective. I have used both and haven't noticed much difference (other than the fact that the gel dries me out too much.) But many people claim that the cream made their skin seem to breakout even worse, and the gel worked much better. Hmm...?

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I think from what I have heard from others who have used both the gel and the cream said that the gel worked better because it was easier for their skin to absorb it. I have only used the gel so I can't speak from personal expirience.

The initial breakout is a downer, but just remember that you should really wait 8-12 weeks to say that you quit. I'm on my 14th week on the differin gel and I have been 100% clear of acne for about 3-4 weeks. So don't let the initial breakout make you give up, cause it seems like too many people end up doing that.

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When I read this, I knew I was going to reply NO! Then as I read on farther down, I got to thinking about at 4 1/2 weeks in I did break out really bad.

I've been on Differin for 6 weeks so far and my face is looking tons better. My results are a bit watered down because my derm didn't want my face to dry out really bad so for the first and second week I only used Differin twice. The third and fourth week I used it three times a week. THe fith and sixth week I used it four times a week, etc. My goal is to get up to to using it everyday. Whenever I use it my acne gets better but when I have to go two to three days, my skin doesn't get any better.

I use cream because thats what my derm prescribed. I also use the Differin on my back and the acne on my back is almost gone.


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When I was on differin I never had a breakout (made one or two pimples here and there but nothing major). Of course this only lasted till school started and I was stressed out then it came back a little worse, but still agian, nothing major. Just goes to show you how people are different. Overall it has done me well, until I got on tazorac, for some odd reason the derm put me on it when differin was working fine.

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personally, previously before my switch to 'tane, i was on Differin, the gel type, i did not experience any major breakouts, it did cleared up my skin extremely well, n it did well for my scars too.. however, it can be a little drying n after i put a stop on Differin, my skin remained cleared for a while, but not long enough before the breakouts start again.. so that's my reason for my switch to 'tane.. i was looking for a permanent solution..

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