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I Don't Have Rosacea, I Think, Just Facial Redness

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I think have pretty bad facial redness because of the hell I've put my face through trying to get rid of acne. Are there any tried and proven over the counter methods of getting rid of moderate facial redness. Thanks

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@RamboKay....you just have to let the skin heal .

It's very hard to find something to calm the redness,moisturizer can help but if you have problems with breakouts ,the moisturizer can help the redness but cause breakouts.

Olay total effects for sensitive skin ,no spf is soothing.

Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.

Dual action moisturizer oil free from clean and clear,my favorite,and if the menthol feeling sensation doesn't go away ,turn on the drier in low setting and blow a little over the face ,not too close,you dont want to get burn.

Those have worked for me.

Hydrocortisone blocks my pores.

Benadryl gel pill helps ,just make sure that you can take it ,look at the instructions for instructions and drug interactions.

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I don't think I have rosacea either, I'm just really pale and use benzoyl peroxide and am therefore prone to getting redness lol. Atm I've been using cliniderm's soothing lotion and it seems to help a little bit (not a lot though). I know Cliniderm makes a cream specifically for people with rosacea though, I'm not entirely sure how it works ingredient wise or anything but it might be worth looking into. Also I've heard that pure aloe vera gel can help.

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Hope it works out for you :3. Yeah, I'm actually starting to question whether I have rosacea or not myself... if I do it's more mild like I don't get blisters or anything from it but if I'm not wearing makeup it's noticeable that my face flushes pretty easily from being a bit too warm, embarrassed lol, drinking wine, etc.

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Eucerin Redness Relief :) Its a moisturizer with a slight green tint that balances out the redness. I found this worked for me while I took Accutane and had quite a red face! Also, if I wasn't moisturizing properly and my skin was dry it was always redder. I also try to wash my face with luke warm water then cold at the end to avoid the red too:)

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