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I'm a 20 year old male, and I've suffered from relatively mild breakouts and extremely oily skin on my face for the last few years. I've come to the conclusion that my best option would probably be to give Accutane a try.

First of all, I don't suffer from sever nodular acne, or anything like that. Instead, the skin on my face is always VERY oily, and I'm constantly broken out with small to medium sized red zits. They constantly popup anywhere on my face, but especially my forehead. For the last few years, I've washed my face 5+ times a day to keep the oil and breakouts down, but over the last month or so...I said "to hell with this" and only wash it after I wake up and before bed. During this time, my breakouts have considerably worsened. It's seems quite obvious to me that the skin on my face simply produces way too much oil, therefore causing scattered pimples and breakouts.

Main Question: Would Accutane be benefial in helping this condition? And could I get by with just a low dose...like 10mg/day for 5 months or something? I am ordering this stuff online for various reasons, eventhough the people on this board probably won't recommend this approach. With that said, there is no qualified dermatologist involved here, hence my questions regarding dosage.

Also, is Accutane known to have negative effects on the scalp? I suffer from dandruff, or dry scalp or something. It's always been mild with the use of proper shampoos. However, since my father was tragically killed in a mysterious and unexplainable head-on collision last May (6 months ago), my flakes have significantly worsened, and NOTHING seems to help! Could this possibly be stress related? Anyway, I'd hate to think it could get any worse than it already is, but from the sounds of it...I wouldn't be too surprised if my scalp peeled completely off down to my skull by the time I got into the first few weeks of Accutane.

Depression has been a major problem that I've suffered from and had to endure throughout my life, and so of course, I'm concerned about Accutane having any affects on this condition. I'm also currently taking Effexor XR. If I use Accutane, this will be my greatest concern, and I'll have to keep a very close eye on it.

Brandin eusa_whistle.gif

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First of all, I'm sorry about your loss sad.gif My opinion is that it could definitely be stress-related...stress does a number of your hormones which could definitely cause what's going on.

My guess is that Accutane would help a lot with your oily skin as that is one of the things it triggers--the excess production of oil. From what I've read on this board, Accutane seems to actually shrink your oil glands. When your on it your skin gets REALLY dry which is an added bonus for people used to dealing with oily skin.

About the depression, I also have a long history of depression which I told my derm. I'm on anti-depressants and she said that it would be okay as long as I monitored myself closely. She's keeping me on a relatively dose (40mg) for longer in order to try and avoid any possible side effects of this sort.

Good luck.

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after reading your situation i say accutane would be the best possible treatment.

i too, had severe oily skin. im talking walking out of the shower and an hour later having a pool of oil on my face. it was bad, embarassing. i also had hypo hydriosis, a sweating disorder on my face, which worsened the appearance.

my acne was mild to moderate, mostly small zits, some big cysts occasionally.

anyways, i got on accutane and within a month the oil was gone, my skin was actually dry. it was incredible.

as for depression, i have not experienced any of it, and none of the people i know have either. i think it was a random case of someone taking accutane and it has blown up into proportion.

anyways, good luck nonetheless, and sorry about your dad.

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i have REALLY really really oily skin too

i dont get cysts or anyting like that

just medium sized zits or small zits around the mouth usually

other parts are really red but theres no zits there

im just wondering is accutane the answer for oily skin?

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Thanks for the replies so far! I think I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to give it a try, and order some of this stuff. But what about dosage? How much should I take? In other words...do I get 10mg, 20mg, or 40mg tabs? Would just 10mg a day do the trick? That doesn't seem like very much though.

Brandin eusa_whistle.gif

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Branden, i have the exact same problem as you

and after doing ALOT of reaserch and reading a lot of journals i found out that LOW DOSE ACCUTANE is being used VERY successfuly to treat mild acne and oily skin problems

by low dose were talking something like 10mg a day or even less

say taking a 20mg pill every other day or even every 3 days

it really depends on the person and the body weight

the dosage might seem like really little but its not, u dont need to much as the accutane will do the work

heres an article which u may find useful

the best of luck 2 ya

Int J Clin Pharmacol Res. 2003;23(2-3):41-6.

Low-dose schema of isotretinoin in acne vulgaris.

Mandekou-Lefaki I, Delli F, Teknetzis A, Euthimiadou R, Karakatsanis


In severe papulopustular and in nodulocystic/conglobate acne, oral

isotretinoin is the treatment of choice. It is also required for

patients with moderate to severe acne, especially when acne scars

start to occur A new therapeutic approach consists of a low-dose

regimen of isotretinoin. We performed a comparative study of high-

and low-dose schemas of isotretinoin per os for the treatment of

acne. The purpose of this study was to assess the therapeutic effect

and tolerability of low doses of isotretinoin in the treatment of

acne vulgaris and compare low-dose with high-dose regimens. Sixty-

four patients (35 women and 29 men) with different types and grades

of acne vulgaris were divided into two treatment groups of 32

patients, in a trial that compared a low dose of 0.15-0.40 mg/kg per

day with a high dose of 0.5-1.0 mg/kg per day. These regimens were

analyzed with reference to clinical history of acne, baseline

investigations, dose and response to isotretinoin, clinical and

laboratory adverse effects, relapses and cost of therapy. The mean

success rate of the low-dose schema was 69%. The total dose up to

120 mg/kg should be followed for optimal results (success rate of

91%) and avoidance of relapses. The low-dose schema produced fewer

adverse effects and offered a very beneficial effect on pre-existing

scarring. Our results confirm the beneficial effect of the low-dose

schema. We recommend a total dose > or = 120 mg/kg, as this

therapeutic regimen of isotretinoin has proven to be the most

successful in preventing relapses and scarring.

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Reza, thanks for the info...

Found something of interest in another thread:



now you can afford to take it.....myself and many others on anabolex.com will attest to the IP's accutane is legit....just use 20mg more than you normally would...enjoy the painkillers too and of the course steroids

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I think I'll probably end up taking 20mg/day, just to be "safe"...

The way I see it, I'd rather take a bit more than necessary than to not take enough to do the job, and not find out that it's not enough until 5 or 6 months later. Plus, I'm limited to what I can get my hands on.

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