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I've been following this site for the last 6 months, ever since I quit beyaz birth control and had the worst acne outbreaks I've ever experienced...

a little on my background, started getting acne when I was 14, was on various antibiotics for years, then tried BC...ortho tri cylen helped but didn't make acne go away, finally switched to beyaz which completely cleared my skin and I was able to drop the antibiotics!

Finally decided to go off bc last summer for health reasons, I think it's better to be all natural. Unfortunately this resulted in terrible, cystic acne. At 24, not exactly what I wanted to go through but I kept pushing through, telling myself I'd have to go through it eventually when I did quit BC and better to figure it out now then later.

I tried the laundry list of herbs and supplements, DIM, Vitex, Zinc, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin B, Saw Palmetto....Saw Palmetto did help a little.

Finally my estethtician turned me onto this "Osmosis Skincare." I tried using the "harmonized water" that they offer...I was desperate and willing to try anything. I understand how bizarre it sounds but I can't tell you how much my skin has improved in the last 6 weeks since starting this. I'm finally getting back to the skin I had, and I think it's safe to say in another 2-4 weeks it will be completely clear. I don't get it, but it's working. If you're as desperate as me you'll give it a shot, and I'd love to hear other people's results if they give it a try. I just feel so relieved to finally have something that's working, and always promised myself I would post and share when I finally did find my solution in hopes I can help someone else.

I believe you can buy the products through their website or on amazon...

Good luck!!

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Thanks for sharing your acne success story with our community! So happy you found something that works for you!!

Best wishes for your continued success! :)

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Hi Sms, may I ask which Osmosis harmonized waters did you use ? I have checked their website and they have different kinds such as hormone balance, anti-t, digestive health etc. , which one should I try ? I was so desperate I would try anything. These waters seem to address the internal problems and harmonizes our body. I am willing to give this a shot ! Also, are you using any of their skincare products? Thanks for your helpl

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