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Omega 3, Hair, Nails Skin Supplement Really Cleared Things Up In About A Week

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I started taking a high quality omega 3 supplement (all epa/dha and high levels of it). A couple days later I added a hair, nails and skin supplement (contains A, E, B, D, zinc). Within a week my existing acne really healed up and I didn't get any new acne. I wish I'd known about this decades ago (I'm in my early 30s and have been dealing with this my whole life).

Regarding which supplement did the trick, I had used omega 3 for about a year without knowing about the acne benefits. During that time, my acne cleared up, though I didn't realize the omega 3 had anything to do with it. I just figured my acne had finally cleared up because of my age. After I stopped taking omega 3 for a few months my acne came back with a vengeance. For the past few months I've been dealing with continuous breakouts and didn't realize omega 3 had anything to do with it until I realized that acne is inflammation. So I started taking it again, and then a couple days in learned about A, E, B, D, Zinc, so added a hair, nails and skin supplement and then it started clearing up really quickly.

I just want to say that vitamins clearly play a big role at least for some acne sufferers. Also, regarding omega 3 supplements, make sure you're getting at least around 1000mg of dha/epa and make sure the supplement doesn't include any omega 6 since most Americans get too much of that. Also, disclaimer so no one sues me, be sure to consult with your your doctor before taking supplements.

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I found the same thing has helped my acne. I'm allergic to seafood so I never took omega 3s. A month or so ago, I started taking Jarrow formula's Krill Oil (1200 mg I think) as an experiment (with benadryl and 911 at the ready if it went south) and did not react badly to it, so I kept taking it and have seen a lot of my hormonal acne/cystic acne subside. I also take it with Evening Primrose oil, as I don't really get any omega 6s in my diet nowadays either (I eat pretty clean because of headaches/digestion, so prepackaged stuff is off limits!).

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It's great that your experiment has been successful, it's really good idea to try.

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