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Spots. 4 Years. Nearly Gone.

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Hello. Ever since i was 3 ive had ezcema and acne. Looking at school photos of me i used to have it all over my forehead, and my mom said it went away when i went into Year 1 (5-6) and it never came back until late Year 8 (12). I had severe spots and i done all the normal routines, no sugar, moisturize etc. It got terribly worser going into Year 9 (13) but i just gave up and didnt give a f**k, and it stayed mostly the same for another year. Despite the fact that now i have no self confidence and im actually still very depressed because no girls would actually talk to me at school, thank god i said no to a drug such as accutane (Because of the long term side effects). After the christmas school holiday in Year 10 (14) i went upto the doctors and i got prescribed hydrous ointment bp which basically treats dry skin, and by the easter holiday, my face was really starting to clear up and apart from getting slight confident and not being called spotty by my dad, my years of suffering were over by the summer holidays when i basically checked my aunties bedroom mirror and wow, did i get a shock. Not a cyst, whitehead, blackhead anywhere on my skin. Going into this school year (Year 11, 15) i actually started to socialise and not be a depressed d**khead lmao. Of course, the ezcema came back at the start of november because of the cold weather and my acne actually came back full force this time. I never used my hydrous ointment because i had none. I stepped into the barbers chair for a haircut early last month and i couldnt look in the mirror it was so bad. Being the t**t i am i found some out of date hydrous ointment and slapped it on my face for atleast 2 weeks, causing my face to become so severe i had no choice but to go to hospital and get it checked out. I actually realized in hospital that it might of been the hydrous ointment, and i had to wait until last week to get some more lol, and my face is really improved alot over the last week, with the inflammed red patches of ezcema now gone but unfortunatly the spots are still on my face but its a relief having no dry skin :) hopefully again by summer i will be clear again, getting ready for college and work. Thanks for reading my near lifetime bad skin experience and please remember that everyones skins different and just because a product works on someones face, if used it may worsen your face, and the most important thing is it will eventually go away, like mine did (for a while lol) and never use out of date products, they can really turn skin really bad! Btw if there is any fellow acne/ezcema suffers, please try hydrous ointment for a little while (atleast a week) to seen if you're face improves.

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