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Any suggestions on what I should use?

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hi everyone,

i was searching the internet and i found this site about acne. i'm a thirteen year old boy and i have acne problems.

my face actually does not have that many pimples... my pimples don't bother me much. but occasionally, i get those red pimples that hurt a lot!! or those pimples with a 2 cm diameter that has a huge explosion and bleeds for a long time and leaves a scab. i hate those.

currently i use neutrogena oil free acne wash, neutrogena deep clean, neutrogena clear pore, oxy pads, clean and clear pads, clearasil acne treatment cream. i rarely use the oxy's though. in the past, i have also tried clearasil icywash.

I use the neutrogena deep clean or oil free acne wash at the evening. on tuesdays and thursdays, i use the deep clean at night (reccomended to be used 2-3 times a week). after school, i use the pads. I also use the acne treatment cream when i have a huge pimple.

now that you know a little about me and my face, let me tell u my problem. MY FACE IS SO OILY!!! but school has helped a little, i guess. i remember in august when school started, when i got back home... my face was covered in oil (i saw little oil pools in my face and saw where my oil pores were).

my face is still very oily and at school i feel dirty. it sucks... my face sparkles and shines which is annoying. when i rest my head on my black binder, it lays out a huge oil stain that people see. when i roll my pencil on my nose, it gets oily and i have to wipe it with my shirt.

one time a girl was playing with my hair and she touched my forehead and i was embarassed because it was oiliest! i dont like ppl touching me because its embarrasisng.

Any suggestions on anything that can help reduce my oil on my face? I want something that can be purchased at walgreens or target. I can't make purchases online. thanks

PS --- hooray for first post!

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where do you live?

OC eight oil control is very very very good. But doesn't qork for SUPER oiliness, works good for milder cases

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first of all your using way to much products. ill help you out cuz i was like you when i was 13.

ight.. oxypads are just alcohol and will leave your skin overly dry and red.. so use them and never buy them again

for your oil problem, i dont know if you can get b5.. explain your problem and situation to your parents and maybe they will help you out.. for more info about b5 read this thread:


Botchla's regimen is the best for treating and preventing acne and it works the fastest.. and its only 2 products.. for more info about botchlas regimen read:


you should start washing three times a day for max effectiveness.. once before school, after school, and before bed..

have you thought about starting a new diet? acne + oil = diet related

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