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Suggest things to add variety to my diet

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Well, I've been following a gluten free/dairy free diet for quite some time and my acne has improved considerably. I still have a lot of redness and pigmentation left over from breakouts but the majority of the acne has cleared up. However, my diet has been pretty limited and Im looking for healthy things to liven it up abit.

Here's what I usually have.

Breakfast : Almonds, Ground Flax Seeds, Flax seeds, Coconut Flakes, Raspberries(If I have any) in Soy or Almond Milk.

Dinner : Usually boiled beans(dried, all varieties), fish or chicken breast with a salad(Romaine Lettuce and Spinach) and some orange juice

Supper : Usually not much here, I always forget to make something or just reheat whatever I had for dinner.

Throughout the day : 3-4 Apples, a serving or two of raspberries or blackberries, some brazil nuts, lots of water, 1-3 servings of salad, some carrots, maybe a kiwi fruit or an orange, some green tea with raw honey

I tend to avoid things that are high on the glycemic index like brown rice pasta and the like.

What are some other things I can add to my meals for some variety?

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Yams. Green peas. Peanuts & raisins are a good snack. Corn bread, home-baked with yeast leavening. Whole kernel corn. Carrots. Broccoli. Tomatoes. Oatmeal, with sliced banana or raisins. Pears. Cashews. Walnuts. Alaska pink and red salmon. Sliced turkey with American cheese on rye bread. Olives. Mushrooms. Onions. Garlic. Oranges. Seltzer with lime juice. Green tea. Tofu. Cole slaw (cabbage & carrots). Tortilla chips. Popcorn.

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I forgot to mention eggs. A favorite breakfast of mine is a scrambed egg sandwich, consisting of one scrambled egg, one slice of turkey, and one slice of American cheese on rye bread toast.

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