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Accutane Journey Soon To Begin

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To begin with, kinda new to the site, but more new to knowing the existence of accutane lol (only learned about it like a month ago)I am suppose to start accutane tomorrow and if not, around this wk. Either way I want to know if anyone is starting it very soon or may already started but not too long ago,so I can compare my experience with what someone else might experience while we are both on accutane during the same time period. Also, just want someone who can understand what I'm going to go through. Promise i will update weekly, if not daily.

Bit of Background info: sophomore in highschool, moderate-sever acne(started from mild in middle school/beginning of hs) lots of scars, TRIED EVERYTHING, Acne does bother me, but what could I do right for the time being

For the vets from accutane, what are some do and donts in a nutshell

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Meh I'll start soo

Day 3 (40mg a day):

Don't feel any difference and also not sure if my lips are drying because of the tane or the cold weather. I'm not sure if the IB began since it is soo early, but I got 5 new white heads and broke out a bit on around my T zone. A lot of unsures because I have no idea if what is happening to me is the tane or just me. If someone can input their thought that would be helpful. :D

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It's normal to experience a breakout in the first few weeks perhaps up to a month or two of tane, take it as a positive and tell yourself these are the first steps in your spots dying. That's what I did, I turned everything into a positive. It made me feel better, and people understood what was going on with my skin and respected me for it.

There's a slight chance it's the cold weather but there's more of a chance it's the tane making your lips dry. Considering you're breaking out, it's likely no coincidence.

Good luck!

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Day 14:

To begin with, I am very busy with school, so that is why I have not been posting lately. So, intense dry lips to the point where the edge of my lips are bleeding and gets swollen..ummm dry face mostly flakes and what not. My question is there any face moisturizer that will get rid of the flakes? (live in Canada, so either some items might not be here or it's really expensive) Nose bleed during this week, but not surprise and plus it wasn't all that bad.Question for that is, if i will get this often? As acne goes, new ones are starting to appear, but this week wasn't bad. It's mainly the dryness that's getting me. Going into the third week and this is where people say the IB will begin, so kinda worried, but oh well. I will probably post weekly, so I can report more than a day to day basic

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