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Can A Baby Be Born With Birth Defects If The Male Is On Accutane?

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I know that females can't get pregnant while on accutane because of birth defects but if the male is taking accutane and then gets someone pregnant does the baby still run the risk of birth defects or is it just when the woman is taking it? I found some posts on this but they were old and didn't really give a good answer. Need an answer fast pleease.

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Yeah, that's one of the threads I had seen but since it was several years ago I was wondering if maybe any new studies had shown something else or if anyone had any more information. btw thanks for quick reply

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According to the Ipledge system prescriber information site:

Males And Birth Defects

Unlike in female patients, there is no pattern of birth defects in babies whose fathers
were taking isotretinoin. Approximately 3 to 5 babies in 100 (3% to 5%) are born
with some kind of birth defect from other causes, not from isotretinoin.
Isotretinoin also has not been shown to affect a male’s ability to father children.
Studies did not show effects on sperm count, how sperm look, or how well they
swim and move. (For more information, see page 3.)

tHAT being said - it's probably best to discuss your concerns with a doctor if you're trying to get pregnant.

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My father has indeed used accutane for his acne problem in the mid '80s and has now serious stomach problems that he is to ignorant to address. Having two sons I can tell you that because of accutane it has crippled us mentally and physically both in different ways. As every human is different and every ingestant available today is a risk at throwing off our natural state. (Our half sister from the same mother has none of our problems)My brother has a heavy learning disability and stomach issues much like my father along with other symptoms to fearful to admit. Myself on the other hand, I've struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, acne, stomach problems, paranoia, since the age of 4. Nobody wants to hear their 4 year old is depressed. So as suspicion it may very well be true that everything either the father and mother ingests will result in the child or children(Adopt!). Now the only method that may be unique to me is my diet. I only eat fruits, vegetables, berries and almonds. With no added oil, grease, fat, sugar, or spices. No grains, starches, alcohol, or beans because frankly I se a drastic difference in my skin and mental state. I'm truly sorry if I popped anyone's baby making plans but I assure you, the only thing keeping yours alive is the thought of you finding out you kid committed suicide.

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