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Acne On My Forehead, Between My Brows, Upper Lip, And Chin

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Hello, I'm 14 years old. I have acne on my forehead, under my hairline area. My zits sometimes appear red out of no where, is their a way to reduce this redness. I have acne between my brows that I don't know how that that got there. You can also see the puss. I have acne on my upper lip, that one zit appears on the left side of my philtrum, then it disappears, but still leaves redness. The another zit appears on the right side of my philtrum. You can also see the puss. I have small scars on my chin and sometimes zits that you can see the puss show up. I don't know how they show up. When I mean that you can see the puss, I mean that its not swollen or looks red, you just see the puss inside. I clean my face twice a day with soap. I then use cleansing pads. If my skin feels dry, I use lotion that is non-greasy and that has mineral oil. Am I doing something wrong, tell me, how can I improve.

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Hi there, friend!

A good place to start would be to ditch the soap and buy a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide in it. I use Panoxyl Creamy Wash 4% once a day and that's worked really well. Some people find 2.5% is best for them, others 10% but 4% is perfect for me. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria causing acne. Soap just removes dirt and can be very drying and irritating. Use the BP in the morning only at least at first. You may also want to buy a gentle cleanser to use at night like Cetaphil or Cerave.

(I use Cerave hydrating cleanser at night)

After cleansing, use a moisturizer with SPF if you are going to be outside at all. Don't use a lotion for your body, buy one that is specifically for the face - I think Cetaphil and Cerave both have good, non-irritating moisturizers. BP can be drying so you want to make sure you moisturize, or you'll end up with red, flaky skin and possibly more acne from the irritation.

Another route to go would be to cleanse with cetaphil or cerave, then apply a topical gel or cream containing benzoyl peroxide. I know that Dan, creator of this website recommends a routine like this. Personally, topical BP has done nothing for me.

If this routine doesn't help calm things down after a month or two and seem to keep things in control, I would urge you to see a dermatologist who can further advise you. It may take several months for BP to really clear your skin, and it may not be enough, but it will definitely help.

Make sure you're rinsing your shampoo completely, residue from hair products can contribute to hairline acne. You might try switching to an organic shampoo.

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