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Connection between post - accutane damage and PMO (Porn, Masterbation, Orgasm  

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  2. 2. Frequent PMO'er since a young age

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  3. 3. Have symptoms like fatigue, low energy and low libido

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poll to determine if there is a connection between those who PMO frequently and have done so all there life up until and after their course of Accutane which left them severely weakened in health.

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Hi dude...

I went 63 days without PM.

I have a girlfriend, so we had sex during this period (every 2-3 days).

All I can is, porn/masturbation definitely causes much of my sexual dysfunction.
I had a reset and am on day 20 now.

Sex is much better without porn/wanking... Plus, given the existing adrenal fatigue... the less time we ejaculate, the more energy our body has for other things.

Porn can completely desensitize you, as I'm sure you've read, and for that reason I don't wish to watch it ever again.

It can be hard to get turned on by normal sex, if you watch too much hardcore porn.

I hope it time, it may help to relieve some social anxiety/brain fog/lack of energy as I've heard many fappers report improvements with these kinds of issues.

Don't convince yourself Accutane isn't still a big factor in your health though.

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