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So I have been using the same cleanser for about two years now. (Proactiv's deep cleansing wash, which has expoliating beads and salicylic acid) I also went through my 2nd round of Accutane, which I got off of in Sept. My face became super clear and lovely and everything was wonderful until about the beginning of Dec. My skin has been acting very strange. I get these red, non-inflamed and non painful bumps all over my face. They're about the size of a regular pimple but aren't hard or painful at all and last about 3 days. It almost looks like a little bug bite. I've also been getting tiny flesh colored bumps that itch slightly on the sides of my face. You can barely see them but they still bother me.

Nothing in my life has changed. Diet is the same as well as my environment. Since it's winter and skin tends to get more irritated during the season, I was thinking the reason I'm getting these mysterious bumps is because of irritation from washing my face too much with this wash.

I'm really worried about wasting my money buying a face wash that won't work. I don't know whether I should buy another exfoliating wash or go to foaming... or whether I should get one with salicylic acid or not? (I don't respond well to benzoyl)

I have oily face so it'd have to be oil free.

I need something that won't irritate my skin but will clean it thoroughly and preferably inexpensive.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

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Exfoliant face washes can be good if you can tolerate irritation, however like most of us it just causes unnecessary irritation. A foaming cleanser that is soap free can help prevent irritation and hence new breakouts. I personally recommend the acne org facial wash or Cerave foaming wash. All the best

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