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Spot On Forehead That Won't Go Away (10 Months)

Hi everyone,

I need your advice.

Back in February, I got a cystic spot on my forehead. It became inflamed, I squeezed when I shouldn't have, and it scabbed over and 'healed'. Only that its healing isn't like other spots, which have gone away. The skin is thicker where it is, and the cyst appears to remain there. Because of that, every few months I get frustrated with it, I pick the skin, it peels off, the cyst becomes inflamed again, I think this time it will heal properly and go away, and it doesn't. The cycle just keeps on repeating itself. The skin doesn't seem to heal properly, it just seems to form skin over the cyst, if that makes sense - hence why I have an urge to pick. I tried not picking it for a few months, thinking it would heal, but it didn't.

Anybody have any idea on what it is and how I can deal with it?

Oh, by the way, I'm on yasmin, spironolactone (50mg), I've just been put on antibiotics by the dermatologist, and I use salicylic acid and topical tretinoin.

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Dont pop the cysts until they're ready to be popped. it's hard but try not to. Retin A or Tactuo Gel will help dry the cyst out quickly and Neostrata Oil Free Gel Cleanser witch will help with scaring as well as breakouts. I still have scaring on me that's been their for a while. Use sunscreen on sunny days it will prevent the scaring from remaining dark or becoming even darker. I still have some pigmentation issues that have been their for several months but eventually they will just fade away on their own, give it time. Just try and get the breakouts under control.

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