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What Worked For Me (Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask)

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Hi guys! I'm new to posting, but I've read the forum before. I just want to make it clear before I start that I am in no way affiliated with a brand - I'm literally an 18 year old kid who's struggled with acne for years and I finally found a product that works for me - and it's not even made for acne! So I've had acne for years, and I'm definitely a picker (it's always been a large problem of mine). This led to some acne marks on my cheeks, which I thought would fade in a few months, but actually lasted THREE YEARS and THREE SEPARATE LASER TREATMENTS (I know right!?) They weren't so dark - not icepick, but purple to pink and foundation by itself wouldn't cover it up - concealer was very necessary! Add on top of that, my current acne still hasn't gone away - after years of being on aczone! I thought the problem of my current acne might've been moisturizer (I've tried a few different brands - one of them clear clinic, one of them neutrogena for sensitive skin). I thought maybe that though the aczone was fighting the acne, the moisturizer was making me break out at the same time. But, if I used less moisturizer, I'd still have acne and my face would be a flaky mess! So I took this old hydrating mask that my mom had lying around (about 3 weeks ago at the start of my Christmas break) and not only did it get rid of all my acne - my 3 YEAR OLD MARKS are ALMOST COMPLETELY FADED - also, it doesn't seem to make me break out and though it does make me flake a bit, since it's a mask it doesn't really dry so when I was my face in the morning, the flakes come off completely with no leftover or anything. So I figured I'd give you guys my new routine because I've seriously never seen results like this with anything I've ever done before!

Morning: wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser


  1. if wearing makeup, wash off with the cetaphil
  2. Wash face with a benzoyl peroxide face wash (I really like Panoxyl!) - sometime's if I feel like I'm breaking out a bit more I'll leave the Panoxyl on for 10 minutes or so
  3. Put on Aczone (or other acne treatment)
  4. Put on a very healthy amount of Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask (I know it's expensive but it has literally saved my skin - I've never seen anything like it! - and it was 10000x less expensive than the laser treatments!)

Disclaimer - if you're not going to wash your face in the morning DO NOT do any of this!!! I hate washing my face in the morning but this will likely make you break out more if you dont wash it off!!!!!!!!!!

Also sorry if this seems really scattered! I just really wanted to spread the word about this product (the sleeping recovery mask) because I haven't felt this comfortable with my skin since I was maybe 10-12 and I'd love if this was able to work for someone else and they could feel this way too! Also sorry I'm not posting a picture - I don't have any pictures of my acne before! (was waaaay too embarrassed to take one) but good luck guys!!! Hope you all find something that works for you!

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