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Please take the time to read this because I am a bit confused about all this laser nonsense. And yes, maybe I should have posted it in the Canadian section but its not a matter of anyone's experiences with either doctor, just who sounds better.

K, so I've been seeing a nurse at Dr. Behn's office since January '04 for chemical peels and microdermabrasions. None of it has helped my severe acne, scarring, and redness so I researched lasers and Smoothbeam sounds pretty good. The office I go to now just received these lasers last month. I take it the doctors probably aren't very experienced with them but I don't know for sure. I read on a site that Smoothbeam is sometimes combined with another laser (such as Vbeam) to combat the redness part of it. However, my derm told me today that Smoothbeam will do the trick for all of it (acne, scarring, AND redness). Is this true? I've also found another doctor in my city (Dr. Remington) who I have yet to book a consultation with. I don't know how much he charges (my current one said she'd charge me $200 CDN per treatment) but what I do know is that he's basically a laser specialist (even my derm said that). I emailed Remington's office twice and they got back to me pretty quickly. They said they offer Smoothbeam (amoung the 19 laser/lights they have). I would feel comfortable going to my current derm because I know her pretty well but the other guy sounds better in a lot of ways because he seems to specialize in lasers and probably has more. I'm thinking I need a combination of Smoothbeam and something else because of my excessive redness. Obviously I'm not a derm but I did do research and Smoothbeam doesn't seem like it'd be enough for me. Can someone help? Which doctor sounds better so far?

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