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This doesn't concern me as much as my other acne, because it's far less noticeable and can be hidden with my bangs. But for the past few months I've had acne recurring in between my eyebrows and right at the top of the bridge of my nose. It looks congested, rarely comes to a head, and is just kind of bumpy and clogged. Sometimes it feels like tiny cysts. BP has helped some but it's still there. Slightly red. BP has made it flaky and dry as well.

I wonder if it might be my bangs or shampoo irritating it, but I feel like I would have acne on my forehead then as well.I don't.

Thoughts on potential causes and how to treat it? (Other than, you know, Accutane, because I'm not prepared to go on that at this point in my acne journey).

I feel like a very very tiny animal has made a tiny home in between my eyebrows. It's like that.

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I always had bumps there, too. The same reacurring ones for years. It was actually just an indication that I did something to cause my acne. Like, if I ate a bunch of soy or too much surgar, the bumps would appear there to let me know that my skin was irritated, and something was wrong.

Now that I know that food sensitivities were causing my acne, I notice if I eats something bad, I will breakout, and I will also have those bumps appear with certain foods. Sometimes it gets puffy in the cheeckbone area when I eat something bad that was combined with wheat. Wheat alond isn't bad for me, but when it's combined with soy, too much sugar, or something else bad, I'd get puffy around the cheeckbones and break out in other places.


Those are probably just indication bumps, warning you that something has irritated your skin.


I'm in Minneapolis, too! AHHHHH!!!!!

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Okay. I'm definitely going to look into getting tested for food sensitivity. I don't want this to be the case... I love all food.

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