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New to this forum and new to acne. I am 38, I've always had sensitive skin, I have always taken good care of my skin (except when I was a teenager and we layed out on my dads tin roof barn with crisco trying to get the perfect tan) none the less I wash, try not to pick (hard not to sometimes!) and I now stay out of the sun. I don't even use a heavy foundation makeup only bare minerals. I just got back from the derma dr. (he was a quack but I was desperate for a appt today) he put me on Dynacin 75mg twice daily (even with my rx card it was quite expensive, now I see they have a generic version) and a cleanser called prascion. He didn't give me much info on how to control this outpouring of oil I am mass producing lately. I am a flight attendant (have to wear makeup to work but it comes off on my days off that is for sure hate it!) but one the plane my face is far more oily I go thru the blotter sheets by the dozen over a few days it seems. At home it is not as bad. I don't use a mouisterizer when I fly it seems worse when I do. Questions about vitamin and supplement changes I've made lately, also I am at a stand still because I am needing something for antiaging now, wrinkles, loss of firmness in skin, but they are all too thick and gooey. Is there anything out there that combats both problems? Has anyone heard of taking DMAE supplements? for the skin? I am freaking out and at a loss, please someone let me know there is light at the end of the tunnel.....also am I going to have to take this rx long term or is it temporary? I realize I am new here but I am really lost and needing lessons from your experience....

Thanks for listening.

Lori Ann

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