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Don't Know Which Treatment To Start

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Hi everyone I'm currently 20 years old and I broke out a lot on my chin and forehead as a teen. Currently my forehead is clear. My chin is left with redness but I get the occasional whiteheads during my period and they go away fairly quickly, but leave marks.

As for my cheeks and jaw area I feel like recently, applying makeup (BB cream and foundation only within the last 3-4 months) and exfoliating with a Clarisonic Mia, and putting on Glamglow face masks (youthmud and supermud), Clinique antiblemish moisturizer, has caused me to break out in those areas and now I'm left with lots of inflammation and redness and marks (pictures below). I'm generally a healthy eater but I know that when I eat deeply fried or spicy junkfood it definitely causes me to break out in big pimples as well, and those left marks.

I've tried many masks and washes (nothing medical) to make my complexion clearer and even, but my face has so many blemishes and random red areas that arent going away and are seriously destroying my self confidence. Nothing is working and washing my face just makes me look more red. Everyone keeps telling me to just not do anything i.e. no makeup, no picking, no washing too much and it'll go away eventually but if there's medication then why not? I reached a point where I can't go out without atleast dabbing on some concealer and BB cream on those red areas.

My skin is very sensitive,pale complexion, and oily and therefore I never tried anything like BP or Retin-A or Proactive. I use St. Ives gentle apricot scrub every other day, Cosmetic Warrior face mask from Lush (contains tea tree oil and garlic), No.7 Beautiful Skin facial cleanser.

Judging from my pictures (both cheeks and chin), should I start taking something like antibiotics? Roaccutane? Laser peel? I have no idea where to start. Should I see a GP or dermatologist?

Thank you!




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I'm not a medical practitioner, but both my parents are GPs and I've taken Accutane, so I hope I can help?

Personally, I would advise you to go to your GP first because Accutane is definitely not fun so it should really be a last resort, also your blemishes are quite small rather than deep cystic acne. Especially if you have sensitive skin (which I do too) because your symptoms will most likely be much more severe (for example, I got really chronic eczema).

I have to say that Dermol 500 Lotion was soooo effective for my whiteheads and didn't irritate my skin at all. It's an antibacterial moisturiser, so it battles bacteria without being too astringent or distressing to your skin. It really help tone down the redness too for me.

I've just started a YouTube Channel (which doesn't yet have content) but I plan to post videos to try to give people advise about these kinds of skin issues. it may be helpful?

I really hope that was helpful and I hope you're feeling better about your skin soon! :)

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