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Hey everyone, I didn't know which forum to add this topic, but since I am 16 I'm putting it in the hormonal acne topic. Anyway, I've always had clear skin with of course, the usual pimple here and there and nothing similar to what I'm experiencing right now. My acne started around November 2013, it started as a brown flakey spot on my left cheek that my dad thought was a fungal infection of some sort. He gave me something to treat it, but it didn't help at all. My left cheek progressively got worse and these red bumps underneath my left and right cheek started to appear. I tried treating them with those basic acne creams you buy at the dollar store and nothing happened.

Fast forward to April/May 2014, my skin wasn't as bad anymore and all I was left with were the red marks from these pesky bumps. The summer was amazing for my skin since I had no breakouts whatsoever, just the red marks that I knew were gradually disappearing. Then school started around August and I noticed the bumps underneath my skin were back. It progressively got worse month after month, then november/december my skin was back to the way it was last year. The bumps are back and now they're becoming cysts, the redness is extremely bad and somehow they are occurring a lot more. The only good thing I can think of about my acne is just they're only on my cheeks. My family has always had somewhat clear skin and my dad will not take me to the dermatologist so any help at all would be appreciated. I just really want to know what's causing them and how I can prevent them.

I can attach pictures if anyone wants to see.

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