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Adventurous Accutane Journey On The Wayyyy?

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I have had moderate to sever acne since 7th grade. Back then I didn't think much of it. But now getting to be a sophomore in high school I am starting to feel the social, emotional, and physical effects of acne. I know I don't have the worst acne in the world, but it is very bothering to look into the mirror and see blemishes. Naturally, I have a very outgoing personality. Recently with my acne I have found myself not hanging out with friends as much and just generally trying to avoid people when I get a bad breakout. I have been going to the dermatologist for about 8 months and have seen some improvement with some acne laser treatments. Before that I had tried every store bought acne treatment available. The Doxycycline I was on has little to no improvement. I am very disappointed in the persistence of my acne and am wondering if it time to think about Accutane?

Also. I have talked to my parents about it. My dad seems to be on board with the idea of accutane, while my mom is very hesitant. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want clear skin and have made it clear to my parents. She is just nervous because of all the negative stories she has heard from accutane...

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I am goin through exactly what you are going through rn sophomore, avoiding friends (literally just been hangin out with 3 best friends n gf; usually social), emotional etc... n OFC moderate - sever acne.

Can't tell you if you should start it since I didn't do it yet myself lol,but I am goin hopefully tomorrow. From what i hear n read, it should be your absolute last resort.Like you tried EVERYTHING.One thing I could tell you is be ready for monthly blood test if u do go on it, which isn't really bad. Umm when your mom said "negative stories" does she mean like side effects or how it didn't work stories? But anyways sorry for this long ass reply. In conclusion if you really really want it, I guess just go for it right ? Lol

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