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Giving Inositol A Try

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Hey everyone so I picked up some powder capsules of inositol and choline at the Vitamin Shoppe today. Each one is suppose to have 250mg of inositol and 250mg of choline. I took just one tonight and hope to increase to 500mg after a week maybe? This supplement is often praised on the PCOS board as something that helps them clear up their acne, which is some of the most stubborn acne out there I believe.

I weigh 110 so I'm just wondering if anyone else is trying this and what your dosage is?

I really need something to break this cycle of cystic acne I'm in right now. I went off Ortho Tri Cyclen back in June after being on it 4 years and since last month there's just been an endless supply of cysts. As soon as I kill one with BP two more replace it. It's really wearing me down. I tried to go back to OTC a few weeks ago even and my body must of changed because I couldn't tolerate it. I was out of my mind lightheaded all the time and nonstop headaches, I had to stop it after 2 and half weeks and even now I'm still feeling some side effects. Anyway I can't even imagine how pissed off my hormones are right now. But I wanted to try something natural and see if it works. I saw WishClean and a few other ladies had a lot of success with this supplement so many thanks to them for letting me know about this. Also Green Gables and hearts posts have been very helpful.

Oh I also have the S5 topical Spiro cream and I've been using it on my chin for 3 days now. So far no breakouts on my chin since I've been using it but I don't want to speak too soon *knock on wood.* I think androgens have to be my issue right now. I've always had naturally oily skin even on birth control, it seems extra greasy lately tho and also my scalp is extra oily. There's also an increase in peach fuzz on my upper lip and face that I've noticed, only when I get up close in the mirror and in certain light but idk I don't think it was there before lol. Luckily I'm blonde so it's not noticeable but I think it's something else tied in with androgens. Also my boobs went back down to an A here recently lol being off birth control sucks and yet being on it sucks too.

Some of my acne is also just genetic. Both my parents had cystic acne and my dad grew out of it near his mid 20s. My mom had it too but she said it got better as she went into her 20s but she took Accutane when it first came out anyway just to be done with it. I think she was my age (24) and she said afterwards she never dealt with it again. She went on and off of birth control a few years later with no problems when she had me and then stayed off it. So who knows. The only other natural supplement I've tried is Maca a couple months ago and after 3 capsules I had a cluster of HUGE cysts on my chin. I stopped immediately UGH. But that tells me that I'm sensitive to hormones and if something like that broke me out bad then there has to be a supplement out there that can also help me clear up

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You're situation sounds a lot like mine and I am still searching for an answer. I know this is an old post - but did you ever found anything that ended up working for you?

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Hi, let me know how it works for you. I've been wanting to try it and chromium but I feel like I'm already taking so much meds/ supplements at this time.
The other stuff I have tried that I think helps is turmeric, garlic tabs and spearmint tea. Spearmint can block androgens to a lesser degree than meds, either 2-3 cups or 2-3 capsules. Its worth a try!
Also cod liver oil and vitamin b 5 and zinc are said to help oily skin.
Ithink oily skin is partly genetics and pasrtly from inflammation.
Your mom was lucky, many peoples acne comes back after accutane. But some people would have outgrew it anyway so who knows.

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