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Shaving Causing Oily Skin?

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I was on Accutane when I was 16 for severe acne and it cleared my face up 100% for 10 solid years. Then 2 years ago I went through a career change were I obtained a job that requires u to be clean shaven. That's were my skin went from beautiful to acne in what seemed over night. Although it's not bad I keep around 2-5 cystic bumps around my mouth and nose.

With all that being said although I'm technically supposed to shave every night I've been slacking due to being on 3rd shift and never seeing the "big bosses" so I've been shaving every other day. The problem is the days I shave it seems like my face is extremely oily a few hours after the wash/BP/moisturizer regimen. On days I don't shave my face stays relatively oil free. With my schedule we work 6 days and off 3 and I've got it to where I don't shave my last night of work and don't shave again until my first day back (4 days no shave) and my face pretty much clears up. Anyone know what I can do to kill the oil that shaving seems to be producing.

P.S. sry for the rambling

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Soaked up oil on the skin before going to shave. The oily skin have cause the acne problems, so don't have a oily skin. You should also do shave after the 2-3 days, because it effects your acne.

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What/how did you clean your face before you had to shart shaving? I assume you had a beard before you started this new job. I would have 2 thoughts to offer.

1. My husband's shaving foam had isopropyl myristate in it - a number one bad ingredient for people prone to acne (although it won't cause oily skin). Check the ingredients of your shaving foam - it that's what you use.

2. My skin (I have found recently) gets super oily with hard water. I moved to another country last year and my skin became super oily. I couldn't understand why. Through a bit of detective work, I realised that it was washing my face with the hard water here that made my skin super oily. Sounds ridiculous! I never had that problem when I lived in the UK and if I went back for a week, it would calm down. I now use a water filter for the water for cleansing my face and the oiliness has gone away. Crazy!

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