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How effective are clearasil or oxy?

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How effective are clearasil or oxy for moderately severe acne? I've been using clearasil ultra for over a month now and oxy for I used Oxy for I can't remember how long. It feels like ages, but skin hasn't cleared up yet. I've had acne for about 7 yrs now and I'm so tired and sick of it, sometimes it's all cleared up and feels so good, but it doesn't last, then there comes up another one. I've read the regimen and it says about the usage of BP, I've been suing it for a very long time now and don't find it that effective. Are there any other suggestions? I've my face tiwce a day and apply Clearasil Ultra twice. Is there anything else that I can do? Please help.



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I've used both Oxy 10 and Clearsil Ultra and regular Clearsil. I've noticed the best results with Clearasil products. For me they bring my pimples to a surface alot faster and gentler. It can overdry your face, but just don't use alot of it.

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I've been using Clearasil for Adults cream (uses sulphur instead of BP...not sure about the name) and it seems to be a lot more effective and drying out the acne that I have. Still getting some but this keeps them from staying around as long. BP has not been effective for me in drying out the acne so I'm staying away from it for now.

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Thank u! Ya. I feel the same way too, that clearasil is working better than oxy for me, but I'm not able to get rid of them compltely. it's so frustrating. My wedding is coming up next month and this acne is freaking me out. Does anybody know how effective oral contraceptives are? I want to do something which will clear up my face. I do not use any make up or anything at al. Thank you again.


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