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Hey guys, So I'm brand new to this website and I have a question regarding my acne and what i should do. So a little about me, my name is Dominick and I am 20 years old. I have been suffering from severe acne for most of my life. I had severe acne on my face for many years until I found a gift from the heavens called isolaz treatments. If you are unfamiliar with this, It's a laser treatment where you go to a place that does it and they basically put creams on your face along with the laser. This truly helped my severe acne on my face. However, my main problem is not just my face but my body as well...I have severe body acne that affects my life immensely. I don't have the typical acne just on the shoulders, but on my upper back, lower back, arms,butt-ox,shoulders and lower legs. It's been something that has truly impacted my confidence with girls, going out, taking my shirt off at the beach etc. The annoying thing about it is that I don't just have white healthy skin with pimples all over the place, I have pimples all over the place (arms,back,butt-ox, shoulders, lower legs,) and there are all these brown looking spots. I don't know if they are scars or what. But if I had I was in the light, you would see pimples with brownish spots all over which makes it look even more unattractive. I have tryed so many things such as kits, creams, drug store items, creams from the dermatologist, dove soap and the list goes on. Anyways, I just started doing this procedure. I wash my whole body in the morning with this PanOxyl acne cleansing bar (10 percent benzoyl peroxide.) I would do this once a day, then, being my skin dries from the benzoyl peroxide, I use an oil control moisturizer with sunscreen on my whole body because I don't want my skin to be flaky and turn all red. (This is the first time I used a moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide.) I then read on the internet how lemon juice can help clear blemishes and scarring. I was wondering if I should use the lemon juice diluted with water at night time. I sleep without my shirt and figured being the benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer have been on since the morning I figured the night time would be my best bet for the lemon juice. What do you guys think? let me know if it's too much, if it's a good idea, if you guys have the same situation and found something that cleared your marks. If all this fails, I'm going for isolaz treatments on my back...It's probably the only thing that worked wonders what do you think?

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