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Christmas Dinner

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Hello, now that christmas eve is tomorrow there's going to be a lot of food everywhere, so... yeah.

I eat very well usually.
I only drink water or almond milk (unsweetened), not soda, alcohol, processed juices, etc.

I don't eat dairy, wheat.
I've been avoiding certains grains like beans and rice, I read that corn can be inflammatory but I eat corn tortillas almost everyday and I do alright so I just eat corn normally.

Tomorrow I think I'll eat turkey (that's alright really?) and maybe a little of ham, but there are going to be a lot of tamales everywhere! (I'm from Mexico)
Beef, beans, chicken, chili, pineapple, cheese, spinach tamales.

I remember that last year I broke out because I ate like 10 tamales or more daily for one week(lol) and most of them were the sweet ones. (Beans or pineapple for example) So that's a lot of sugaaaaaar plus the carbs.

Do you think I can eat some beef, spinach or chicken tamales and be alright? (I'll avoid the sweet ones because sugary things tend to break me out)
Maybe like 2-5 per day or that's a lot?
I think that the bad ingredient of tamales is the fat, butter, because the main ingredients are corn + water + beef/chicken + FAT(ohfatwhy).

Greetings and happy christmas. ^__^


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I'm like you and usually eat really well because of my skin, but on Christmas I'm making an exception. I think you shouldn't worry and just eat what you'd like. Just try not to go overboard! Sometimes that's hard, though, on the holidays. Really, don't stress about it. Merry Christmas :)

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Alright, my heart and your kind words made me confident to eat and explode, merry christmas and happy new year to all. :]

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