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Foundation For Dry, Acne Prone Skin?

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Hey guys,

I've just been prescribed Retin A after Ziana stopped working for me, and I'm going through the initial red, irritated break out period. (Which sucks because my acne was never red before, until I started using Retin A). So I've been using Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation, which works with my skin tone but my skin is also somewhat dry so you can see the dry spots if you look close enough. Does anyone know of any good foundation for dry, acne prone skin?

Also, does Retin A really work for mild acne? I'm honestly so scared I'm going through this break out for nothing

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Ok , my daughter used ziana , it got her clear in a short time, and after that for a year, then it kind of stopped working, ok ziana is retin a plus clindamycin .

Retin a irritates because it exfoliates skin, and it's suppose to bring everything to the surface first, if your body can't fight the infection coming out, then retin a should be paired with an antibiotic.

You are supposed to see results within 3 to 4 months, if not, talk

To your dermatologist, don't wait long,I waited 9 months and ended up with cystic acne, plus.

Ok then the clearing make-up that you are using , is it the one with the salicylic acid? If so , salicylic acid is an exfoliate, and it should not be used while using retin a , and if used, it has to be until the face is very well used to the retin a , and the face is clear already.

The thing with make-up is that it has to be removed well , before applying retin a , and removing make-up causes irritation and friction to the skin,I know , we still need make-up.

And probably the things I'm saying you already know.

Maybelline dream liquid mousse

Loreal magic skin beautifier bb cream

Loreal also has another foundation that the ingredients are identical to the bb cream plus low sunscreen,I can't remember the name.

I have used the bb cream and the maybelline dream liquid mousse.

.for high end I have heard that nars sheer glow can be used for acne skin,I was going through the ingredients list and it has some of the ingredients from the maybelline dream liquid mousse.

When you need to know about comedogenic ingredients in make-up go to the cosdna.com site.

Don't use powder because it tends to dry skin and accentuates the dry skin.

Also ask your dermatologist for a good moisturizer while using retin a , for either during the day use or after applying the retin a , also ask how long you have to wait to apply the moisturizer.

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I have used ziana before, but after using proactiv pills, they work about the same. But a foundation I would really recommend is Revlon color stay. Get the kind where it says oily/ combination skin on the bottle. I had the same problem you did, and it doesnt really make me break out even though its a medium to full coverage foundation. I hope this helped, good luck! :)

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I know this might be a bit pricey but I have been using the Laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide foundation. Since I am using BP on my skin, it can be very drying, this foundation is somewhere in between matte and satin-y. It works for all skin types supposedly and it comes in different shades and about light to medium coverage so your skin still breathes.

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Neutrogena -Healthy Skin or if you are okay with the higher price then Nars Sheer Glow.( Neutrogena one is its dupe)

Also, if you have red spots, do not try to cover them with the foundation only..you will look like a clown. Foundation needs to blend it, make it smoother.

Find a good concealer. I personally find Sonia Kashuk's Hidden Agenda Pallete wonderful.

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this might sound nuts but I use dermablend leg and body cover as my foundation. its more of creamier consistency so great for dry skin and it has spf 15 in it as well. it really covers everything which is very nice!

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