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Diy Things To Try To Try To Improve Your Scarring Both Pigmented And Pitted

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I'd like to start a thread of things that you can try at home in order to get rid or simply improve your scarring. Not everyone out there using this forum has lots of funds to get professional treatments done and that could be real depressing. I'd like to make this thread be an exclusive 'DIY things to try' topic where you can check out new or old techniques, reviews and real stories, real before & afters and other things that have a 'DIY' engagement to them. Inspiring threads like + others are now underground and they need to be dugout and shine light on the hopeless users on this sub forum. With your help we can all contribute and create a successful thread filled with lots of information.

Every day I spend 1-2 hours researching acne scars it has turned into a compelling habit.

Old finds:

New finds:

TheLisaMoniqueShow on youtube uploaded this video recently with a promising @ home treatment that cost no more then $40:

mamiposa26 on youtube uploaded this video that shows authentic promising results using her PMD after 2 years:

You guys can also contribute by digging out older threads and posting here. I will update the list if it worthy for this thread.

To be continued...

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Ok , to fade brown spots , glycolic acid and salicylic acid toners. They won't get rid of scars , but it can tone them down.

If your face can take alcohol

Or proactiv toner, well the old formula used to work I can't say about the new formula , since they reformulated their formula, but they won't admit to it .I'm still trying to find a glycolic toner without alcohol in it.

People talk about glycolic or salicylic peels at home , but have never tried them, if peroxide makes my skin dry and toners peel , imagine the high percentage of the aha and bha that people use at home,I would probably ended up at the emergency room.


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Theres a really long negative review on the 2 Minutes Miracle Cream and its ingredients so im not sure what to think of it. The girl in the video also only shows a very small amount of her skin and the results are a bit too good if you ask me...



harsher light:


And here is a study that kind of does the same as dc-girl with astonishing results. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3996784/

I guess they re only showing the best results but even if one has half the imrovement they show it would still be significant.

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