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Occasional 3Rd Washing?

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Hey, everyone!

I work in a restaurant, and my face gets pretty oily/greasy after each shift. It's easy to take care of after a dinner shift, because I can just go home, do my nighttime regimen, and go to bed. Occasionally though, I have a lunch shift where I'm off of work in the middle of the day (like 3 PM). I know I'm not supposed to wash my face more than twice a day, but I worry if I don't wash my face after a lunch shift, I'll break out. Would it be okay to wash my face in the middle of the day from time to time? Maybe just use the 1st and 3rd steps, but no BP? Or maybe just lots of warm water? What do you all think?

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What time do you do your a.m. Regimen? Maybe when needed you could shift your evening Regimen to mid-afternoon and avoid a third face washing. I know a lot of members who are on swim teams or play sports often shift their evening Regimens to earlier in the day after practice and showering. Even if you do your a.m. Regimen at 9 am that gives the treatment 6 hours or so to do its work before repeating. Something to consider. Washing more than twice a day is not typically recommended...at most I would use warm water.

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If you feel you need to wash your face, do it, but only use the BP twice a day. It won't hurt if you only get a few hours of BP in the morning. BP is most effective in the first few hours anyway. Make sure you are using a mild cleanser.

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