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Help Me Find The Cause Of My Cystic Breakout!

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So yesterday before I would go to sleep, I saw 4 (FOUR) new fricking cysts on my face, mainly on the forehead. I'm 15 years old and have had problem with mild to moderate acne in about one and a half year, but i've only had cysts one time before, and that time it was a relatively small one on my nose. But this was the worst breakout i've got in my life. Four on the same day, and one is even under my hair (pretty short hair)! So I looked devastating, just wanted to start crying, but I managed to steer away that thoughts, and think about how to take care of the ******* cysts. I put benzoyl peroxide on the three on my forehead, and salicylic acid on the one under my hair, and went to sleep.
I know that some of my acne, largely small occasional pustules and padules, are because of hormones, but it gets MUCH WORSE when I eat some kind of food, mainly diary. I have listed some possible causes to the massive cystic breakout down here and I like you guys to tell me which you think is the cause.
-I hadn't fapped for 2 weeks, but around last week i started again and fapped 4-5 times during that and the next-coming day. Maybe, maybe not.
-I drank 1.5 litres of diet soda during 3 days ago(the day before my birthday, linked with the cause underneath). I don't really think this is the cause.
-I ate 100-200 grams of chilinuts 3 days ago (peanuts with very spicy flavours). I like NEVER eat nuts, but since it was the day before my birthday, I filled a goddamn bowl full of chilinuts and ate them together with the soda. I really think this is the cause, manly because you can say I never eat nuts. Yes, they were disgusting when I think about them now, but at that time, they were delicious. I'm up to 90% sure this is the cause. But do you experts think it's the spiciness or the peanuts itself that caused the FOUR F**KING CYSTS on my face?
Best regards
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For me personally gluten seems to be the cause or atleast part of it. I tried a dairy free diet for a while but nothing changed but since being gluten free my skin has finally started to heal no new cysts have popped up in their place neither.

I'm not saying it's definitely the cause but I'm pretty sure mine is that.

The chilli nuts were probably containing gluten as most flavoured ones do if you still have the packet give it a read or look them up on the Internet.

Give it a try atleast for a month no less. Good luck hope you can sort it I know how aggravating cystic acne can be.

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Four to five times in a day? Oh, to be fifteen. You're right, this probably isn't the cause.

I know that when I eat a lot of junk, regardless of whether it contains gluten, dairy, salt, or sugar, my skin gets worse. So, the breakout may have been triggered by your food indulgences.

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