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saliclyic acid and begining

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hi, i have very mild acne and would like to know if use salicylic acid does it cuase any initial break outs like i heard retin A does, or does it just do its job and get rid of acne on the spot.

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nothing gets rid of acne on the spot..i prefer SA to BP though..it can cause an initial breakout..but it only last a couple of days..at least..that was what happned to me

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Hi there, i use 2 products that contain SA. Clean and clear advantage and herbal logix. I had a initial breakout four about 4 or 5 days and was discouraged. But after 10 days my skin has done a 180. I have 90% clear skin and have lost a ton of redness on my face. Combining these two products seems to destroy bumps that look like they will turn into pimples. Its been quite good. The only downfall is that I have extremely dry skin but I'll take that over pimples anyday. Maybe I am just overmedicating which is a little bit of a concern.

Along with these products I have changed my mentality. I am a psychology student and I believe the brain and thinking has everything to do with your well being including your skin. I know how bad skin can get as I was once on accutane and at a low in life. Now, i try not to let a few breakouts bother me no matter how inconvenient they are. I truly believe that my skin will never get as bad as it once was and I wont breakout and I find this helps. After all nobody can judge you, upsept god himself.

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