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Only Thing That Has Been Working For Me Is Green Smoothie With Spinach And Adding Carrot To The Sidem

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I have been struggling with very bad break out all over My face for the past year( doctor would have put me on Accutane but i cannot take it for some Reasons and i wouldnt either) i still think mine Wasnt the worst but it was moderate/ severe.

I tried everything but nothing really cleared it up, ( antibiotics, duac, differin etc)

So recently i have been doing green smoothies and eating 1 carrot with olive oil each day and My skin is Getting much better, ( it has reduced My skins inflamation greatly)

You need to use oil( olive or coconut) with the smoothie cause the vitamin A and K are oil souble, means you dont get it if you dont consume oil with it.

My recepie:

1) Spinach 70 g( can be more also(

2.) 2 bananas ( for the taste )

3.) ginger ( bit for the taste)

4.) few slices of apple

5.) olive oil 1 teaspoon

6.) bit water

7.) bit juice

8.) sometimes Frozen strawberrys ( make it taste even better) :-)

9.) good quality puré honey

I drink it Once a day and i also eat 1 carrot per day and i add olive oil to it- within a week or 2 i Saw some improvement, so try it out and it might also help you :-)

Write comment if it helps you or has helped you!

Give it a try!

I never thought it would help me before i finally tried it

Happy Holidays:-)


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