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Acne Scar Removal 2015

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Hi all,

What is the best solution for my type of scars?

I'm completing my Accutane treatment and I am looking forward to the next step of smoothing the skin, which will happen in a couple of months-year.

Please, share your experience and knowledge. I have heard it is impossible to bring the skin 100% back to normal unless you are willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, but I would like to find out which procedures are the most effective.


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So, once you reach the 6 month - 1 year period, you have plenty of options to help heal your skin quite well. I don't know about 100% but I have seen stories on here that seem like they might be around 95%. Your scars aren't too bad. I'll link you to this thread, it's actually quite interesting. So much so that I am on the diet that the woman suggests in it and am doing almost everything exactly how she did it. If you feel that it's for you, you can start preparing your skin for treatment and lessen the chance of any new scars coming up with a good diet. This diet is apparently specialized in foods that contain anti-inflammatory effects, a lot of which comes from just avoiding certain things in foods.

Here's the link to her thread, I hope it helps you more than I can, since I am just starting to learn about the stuff she talks about in it.

I wish you luck on your journey.
PS: I was on Accutane too and I wish I never had used it because I only had hyperpigmentation before that, not scarring. Catch my drift? :P

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