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I Carefully Analyzed What I Eat And I Came To The Conclusion That Everything Makes Me Break Out

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So yeah. Basically.

I mean, I remember no day without breakouts. I think I always had at least 1 or 2 painful pimples. I changed my diet to a less to almost no gluten diet (eliminated bread). I basically eat legumes, brown rice, potatoes, raw vegetable salads, soups and about 1 time a week meat now.

The only time when my acne dramatically reduced was when I was fasting for about 6 days. I ate no foods at all. I just drank fruit and vegetable juices. It really helped my skin a lot in that period. But after breaking the fast (with vegetables & fruit, obviously) I started getting the same (or even worse) acne as before.

So I came to the conclusion that everything I eat breaks me out. Just like that. It seems like the only solution to my problem is to stop eating at all. So sad.

Is this somekind of a curse?

I also tried organic ACV for about 3 weeks with almost no results. It was not bragg's brand though. I think I'm gonna try bragg's pretty soon. If that doesn't work then... I guess nothing works. Except not eating.

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Yeah I did this too actually, now that I think of it. It was really frustrating. I tried every elimination diet there is, at one point I was only eating chicken or just one food so I could introduce more and see if I would have an reaction but there was never any difference! Food might not be a problem for you, maybe just because you didn't eat your body suspended the acne so it could save energy for other tasks. I remember when I was eating basically nothing, and during that time I had no acne, but it got really bad once I just ate a little bit.

I eventually went on Accutane. :(

Also, I had it really bad psychologically and I think that actually made it flare up like it did. Maybe you're problem is more stress related?

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Guys, you should get a food sensitivity test. It's not easy to tell what foods you react to without some good testing. There's ways to test yourself, too.

Here are my results from a (sensitivity) prick test:

2. i know i'm sensitive to:




String Green Beans

Lima Beans

Green English Peas








I'm Barely sensitive to:

Eggs (white and yolk)







Walnut, Black Food (wtf? black walnut?)

Green Pepper


White Potato

And I'm Not sensitive to:



Whole Wheat

Poppy Seed





Brazil Nut

Cashew Nut

Kidney-Pinto Beans



Now I also took a blood test for food Allergies. It came back with no results. Just do your research and find out if you wanna test for: Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Food Intolerance, Leaky Gut, Gut Health, Digestive Health.

Do your research, and get tested if you want to.

Otherwise, check this post out if you wanna just test yourself:

Actually... Just check that User Arul's profile. She/He posted something about feeling affects of bad foods 2-6 hours after eating. That you would feel bloating and some other stuff. It's in her posts section.

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Sometimes diet isn't the answer. And even if it was, for example, let's say some common ingredient found in almost every food product, would it matter? You certainly can't cut everything out feasibly. I would start looking into more feasible and less uncertain options for treatment. A food sensitivity test might help (I have no idea, I honestly don't know how one would even test for "food sensitivities", I am just saying if it's a thing and it's inexpensive, probably wouldn't hurt), but looking into medical treatments might give you some relief.

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I know people hate haring this but it takes quite amount of time for an elimantion diet to work, I have just recently found out that my skin problems (acne and seborrehic dermatitis) are both caused by iriitating foods such as dairy and grains that just wreck havoc on my stomach and intestines. I know that this is the cause beacuse I have had clear skin all my life until I turned 22 and began to have digestive and intestinal pain. It took me about 4 months of eating a a modified type of paleo diet to see some remission although my acne is more stubborn than the seb derm which goes away after about 2 months of clean eating, and heavy supplementaion to clean out my liver. I just started to break out again after having pretty clear skin beacuse I have been indulging in whatever I want, and I mean WHATEVER. It just takes a lot of time, research, dedication, and persistence to even get half way there.

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Hormones do cause acne, genetics do cause acne. I genetically inherited a hormonal imbalance which caused my acne, but for me diet was one way to combat it. So for someone to throw out genetics to try to say diet doesn't help makes no sense.

I’m a firm believer in a diet/acne connection. It’s not the end all solution, and maybe some people will see little to no results, but we tend to eat like shit either way. Sorry, the human body does not want or need the complete and utter waste we bombard it with daily. You should try to find a good topical solution/wash that shows results, and mix it with the diet. It took a year for my diet to fully clear my skin. That's with finding the right topical solution in combination with the diet. Now when I eat the crap I cut out occasionally, surprise! I wake up with a zit. I don't know, just stick with it but not to the point that you're miserable. Once you've been doing it for so long you kind of find your trigger foods. Melloman is right that a test would help, if it's available. That way you don't have to cut out everything under the sun, not truly knowing what you may be sensitive to.

Accutane is still a pretty sure fire solution, with risks, but if you get fed up it's there as an option.

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Thank you guys for answers. I have a question: I already lost much weight after about 3 weeks of not eating enough meat and bread. If I start eating bread again will my acne get worse?

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Lean meats should be okay too. If I were you I'd add that back. You can test different foods. It's a good way to find out what isn't good for you. Eat bread for a little while, if you remain in good shape then you should be good.

I know if I consume dairy my skin will look like shit within a day or two, but i can get away with breads and sugary foods in moderation. As far as weight, just make sure you're getting adequate calories. You can look up high calorie foods that are within your limits.

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