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Dermaroller - Number Of Sessions Question

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I am 30 year old male with 10 year old scars. and I had started dermaroller session 1 year back. Till now I have had 9 sessions (1.5mm microneedles) spaced at 6-8 weeks. I dont use any serum/suppliments except a vit E facewash daily.

I will say that I have not had much improvement over 1 year (scars are almost as they were 1 year back). I am not sure which type of scars these are (see side forehead & cheek). Attached is my current picture. My question is should I stop the treatment now or should I have 1 or 2 more sessions? Does it make a difference if I have 9 sessions or 10?



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1 year is not enough. Especially with your scars because they are severely depressed. Hear me out you need to get subcision 2-3 times spaced out in 1 year and keep microneedling every 5-8 weeks. If you're doing it at an office quit (microneedling) that is I suggest you quit it and opt for @home microneedling. Preferably stamping with 2.0mm needle. This will be much cheaper. But subcision at an office. This procedure if widely practiced in Asia.

I'm busy but I'll update this post later with studies to back what I just said.

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I've had well over 25 sessions by now. My 9 sessions done in 2014 were all 2mm in depth.

Don't expect those temple ones to improve much more. Those cheek ones should smooth out slightly with another 10 sessions.

Boxcar scars are the worst. Rolling ones disappear like magic.

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Needling should be done after subcision, because it's less aggressive so it works on rolling scars the most. Subcision (Google it on YouTube) is perfect for the deep scars and usually one session is not enough. Few dermatologists in the us perform it, but if you look hard through the official websites of the dermatologists' societies or performing a simple search you could find one in your area. The other option is a plastic surgeon, but they're more costly.

Subcision is the only effective treatment for your deep scars and needling for the superficial ones. TCA cross is also a good option for non-rolling scars, like ice picks and even box scars.

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