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Switching From Sa + Bp To Acne.org Regimen

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Hello everyone!

Today marked the end of my 5th week of using 2% SA and 10% BP. I've seen virtually no improvement, and to top it all of, my skin is now very dry and looks slightly worse. I've decided to try out Dan's acne.org products, but was wondering how to go about the switch.

- Since this is my first day that I've stopped using my SA/BP regimen, should I wait a few days to let my skin return to normal before using the acne.org stuff?

- When I start using the acne.org products, can I start out using a lot since my skin has been accustomed to benzoyl peroxide already?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Sounds like a much better plan! 10% BP is very harsh on acne-prone skin and no more effective at killing acne bacteria than a 2.5% formula. If you're going to make a switch, stopping treatment in the interim is a good plan. Then, when the products arrive, I would follow the instructions exactly, and as if you've never used BP before. Start off with a pea-size portion and work your way up to 2 full pumps. You'll eventually be using a lot of BP so easing your skin into the treatment will help minimize any uncomfortable redness and dryness.

As far as using SA and BP together: When you're in the process of getting clear, it's best to stick to one acne treatment. SA is good for other things but does not kill the bacteria that causes acne. 2.5% BP is best suited for this. Once you're clear, you can experiment with building in additional non-Acne.Org products or steps to tailor your regimen.

Hope this helps! :)

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