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Possibly Using Benzoyl Peroxide With My Bha?

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I have been using Paula's Choice Clear Regular Strength Exfoliant with 2% salicylic acid. It's been keeping pretty much my entire face clear besides my chin, which I have always struggled with the most. I already have three noticeable hyperpigmentation marks and then I just got another zit on the chin yesterday (lol). I know more will pop up possibly and I don't like wearing any makeup except for a little powder so it's kind of embarrassing right now. I think they're due to my stress. I haven't been able to make a correlation if they're due to my period, I'm still looking into that factor though.

I'm thinking about trying benzoyl peroxide again for any future spots that pop up so I am not left with these dark red marks that last forever. I used to use Clean and Clear's 10% persagel and it worked for awhile for me and then I stopped using it. Then I started using it again but only on my chin does it cause extreme dryness and redness. I want to try a 2.5% treatment but I'm not sure what is a good option and also if it would be wise to use it with my BHA. I haven't used any bp for awhile since I was starting to become irritated to it. I have also used Clinique's bp, I believe the 5% concentration but I used it up and then I repurchased and it irritated the heck out of my skin. They must have changed the formula or something... but yeah I think my skin could handle 2.5% but I'm not sure about with the bha. I either need to use that or some lightening treatment because I hate these marks. :/

**I'm also thinking about using acne.org's treatment as a spot treatment. Can anyone comment if this would be helpful? I can't use bp all over my face and I don't need to, but I'd like to control these hormonal/stress breakouts. It's sad how there really isn't many 2.5% treatments on the market. I'm just afraid that this one doesn't have any anti-irritants in it to help and I have quite sensitive skin as I kind of said. I've researched some other 2.5% and there is either too many fl oz. and I'd be wasting precious money or they have some comedogenic ingredients in them.

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I have used benzoyl peroxide on top of glycolic acid toners and on top of salicylic acid toners .

I have used the persa gel only for spot treat, and the acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment for all over face.

My problem area is my chin too.

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Okay I think I'm going to go back to using the Clean and Clear persa gel. It's some hefty stuff but it did get the job done. I had minimal redness and dryness with it, so I'd rather deal with that. I tried using Clinque's 5% bp emergency lotion last night and my goodness... my chin is so red now. I feel a cystic one coming on so hopefully it did something to kill the bacteria of that one! lol

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If it's just a few pimples once in awhile, I'd dot the BP just on the pimples with a q-tip and avoid applying it all over your face. My face becomes red and itchy with all over application, but spot treatment works really well with no irritation.


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