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I dont know whats causing it, but some days my forehead and temples flare up with painful little bumps. I dont really break out anywhere else, but if i do theyll be normal bumps that dont really hurt. The days my forehead and temples flare up, my eyes are more red and my skin is more oily. Ive also noticed my hair is thinning a bit around my temples and hairline. Im 16 as well haha, i got checked for allergies and im on immunotherapy. I also use head and shoulders anti dandruff. Since i started the immunotherapy ive been feeling better. i got a bad cold a couple of days ago and overall ive felt bad, and when i got sick i started flaring up?

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Why are you on immunotherapy? Seems like your acne might be connected to whatever else you got going on, as when you got sick it flared up again.... I don't know what to say, but maybe just try to be as healthy as possible to help your body along... That is, eat healthy and just stay away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and eat organic, grass-fed, stay away from grains, lots of vegs and fruit.

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maybe its an allergy problem then... (I'm not qualified, but allergies can cause skin problems... usually eczema and stuff but I have gotten acne from allergies too)

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Some days i wake up and my skin is really oily and i have little painful bumps on my forehead and temples, and theyre either really easy to pop or they just stay as a painful red lump and go away in a few days.. I really dont know whats causing it and i need some help

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