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Becoming Sensitive To The Bp?

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I've been on the Acne.org regimen and its products since August, and it's been a miracle for finally clearing my acne. However I've hit an issue.

I ran out of the Acne.org products, so had to take a week or two break while waiting for the next batch to arrive. This time I'd upsized to the Big bottles. In my excitement I used two full pumps of the BP, as the instructions said (I'd worked my way up slowly to a thick full finger length before). It was way too much, my face was on fire and I was red all over for several days after.

Ever since then, now whenever I use the Big Size BP, even just half a pump, it stings like hell, and my face goes fairly red. Using the tube before, it went on without any sensation. It really feels like I've done some damage or developed some sensitivity to it, though that doesn't sound like that should be possible. Is there perhaps a formula difference between the tube and the big size?

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It's best to make sure you have a spare bp on hand, even if it is Neutrogena on-the-spot, so you have something to use if you run out of your Acne.org products. Anytime you stop the bp for a week or two, your skin is no longer accustomed to it, so it may be like starting all over again. Introduce it slowly just as you did in the beginning and let your skin get used to it again. If you continue to have problems, please see discontinue and see your doctor for advice.

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