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I Want To Start Single Needling But...

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So as the title says, I want to start needling, but the only problem is the needles that are currently the only safe way I see doing the self-procedure, are apparently "bad" now. OwnDoc still has these single needles in stock but claims that this is a bad batch and will be the last batch made, however they point you in the direction of a 200+ dollar unit and cartridges that takes it's place.

I rather purchase the single needles on their own so I am here to ask if there are any other sources. I highly doubt it, since I've done the research and it seems like a speciality item that only OwnDoc carries. Given the description of the state of this current batch of single needles, should I still order them and give it a try? Maybe try a few single needles out on another part of my body first to see if they bend as it claims it does?

Thanks for anyone who took the time to read this.


Link to OwnDoc's last batch of Single Needles:


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"apparently" ? if they said its a bad batch why would you even bother to buy it out of desperation ? or even consider it

unless you wanna take a risk EVEN though they did say its bad its on you then

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I go to CVS and buy the small lancet needles....cheap sharp and disposable....I don't go crazy, but reach into the middle of the scar and poke several times

I use the dermastamp then go over the couple of deeper scars with one of these, maybe pricking 5 or 6 times

then toss the needle...not too aggressive, I'm just not that brave

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@LeadingForce Why would I consider it? Because I am wondering if anyone has used it and knew about one time usage. I mean, I wasn't going to test it out on my face as I explained and that's not "out of desperation". It's cheap so I was assuming someone here has tried it by now. No need to get all rude on me; this is not the first time. If you don't have anything useful and positive to contribute, please refrain from posting anything at all. I do not project my stress onto others and neither should you.

@mrsrobinson Thanks for the reply. My only problem is I am sort of afraid to do this. I would feel more safe using a Derma Stamp or a single needle like shown in my first post. One that stops you from penetrating into the dermis deeper than the intended length of the needle. I'd go with what OwnDoc says and use something with a 0.25mm diameter and I havn't quite decided the length I'm willing to start out with, but definitely would rather find a needle better than what they have in stock.

Edit: I found the same CVS Lancet Needles in Ultra Thin 30 gauge at the same website. I'll post the link below. That seems much safer. I did the conversion from Gauge to mm, and if I was reading the chart correctly, 30 gauge should be around 0.31mm. I still rather find something that is 0.25mm tbh.

CVS Ultra Thin Lancets : http://www.cvs.com/shop/cvs-ultra-thin-lancets-skuid-235157

Steel Thickness Conversion Table : http://www.mesteel.com/cgi-bin/w3-msql/goto.htm?url=/info/carbon/thickness.htm

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