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Does The Regimen Actually Work?

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I'll probably get told off for not researching and yada yada but I'm so distrusting these days and get suspicious that all good reviews and whatnot is actually the company talking. Has anyone actually become totally clear using this regimen thing? I'm using BP now from the docs and 3 months in still have mild-moderate acne, is the regimen going to make much difference? These days i'm so fed up of failed or half hearted products I'll only buy something if people say it is outstanding.


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I completely know how you feel (sort of). I've spent a lot, and I mean a lot of money on over the counter products. I've tried products from Boots, The Body Shop, Superdrug, prescription medication i.e. Duac, and some other topical lotions that worked for a short period, but then had not effect at all (this might have just been my skin though). I've actually been where you are, reading reviews, actually thinking whether they are legitimately real people posting these reviews and not from the company/bots or whoever posts them.

So, to finally answer your question (sorry for going on haha), I just started the regimen on the 26th November (to be precise), even though it's almost been 3 weeks, I feel as though it's made a difference. It's not major, but it's something! If you give it a shot, please follow the guidelines, you don't want to start of with too much BP as your skin will just dry badly. I started with a pea-size amount once a day for the first week, then slowly increased to twice a day and increasing the amount of BP to a finger-size. Like not scrubbing too hard, given time for face to dry before using the treatment etc is all important in my opinion. Obviously it might be hard if you're in a rush, like right now I only use BP once a day again, since it's pretty cold outside and I don't want my face to over-dry. Just to point out, the BP does feel a bit weird at first on your face, it has a tingling affect in a way.

I actually have mild-moderate acne also, I genuinely think after 3 months my skin will be so much more clearer, given that there is already an improvement in the time I've been on the regimen. I don't know whether this has helped you in any way or form, but someone that has been through the regimen will be of better assistance. There's a lot of reviews on here, but I feel they're all real reviews, well the ones that has before and after pictures are real haha.


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I made a comment to some similar effect in another thread and not to cloud anyone's thoughts (if you did happen to see that one, maybe..maybe not), but honestly, I have not used it. And so in that respect, I cannot say one way or the other. However, some people apparently have had some positive results with it. I guess the only way to know is to actually try it. If you don't presently have the relief you'd like, it may be worth a shot. Good luck.

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The Acne.Org Regimen cleared me completely in just a couple of months! Now my son is using it for his teen hormonal acne with good results. If you do the Regimen twice daily religiously and as directed, you should see results. Many, many people have had success with the Acne.Org Regimen! :)

Link to success stories:


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The answer to your question is yes. I spent lots of money on very expensive acne medications to get rid of my acne, and nothing worked. I bought the cleanser first because that's all I had money for. I used the cleanser in the morning and evening for a couple of months, and just from the wash my acne is gone. If I could be a spokes person for this company I would. I love this product.

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